Development of corporate design is one of the services, which you can order in our company. The task of logo and corporate design is creating the image of the company and association with its activities. Original, stylish, memorable logo is the main part in the foundation of any successful advertising campaign.


The choice of style and color of logo influences the design of all graphic elements of corporate design and promotional products. Within the development of corporate design, we provide the customer with a brand book — guidance on the application of corporate design elements. Logo and corporate design are the primary advertising media of long-term companies, and their work must be done professionally and efficiently, because only then investment will pay off with reputation.

Corporate design should be memorable. That’s why the logo should be simple, so that customers could easily memorize it, and significantly different from other logos, so that you could distinguish it from your competitors. When designing a logo and corporate design fonts are used as well as graphic elements because the image memorizing process in human mind is faster than memorizing words and names.

The elements of your corporate design should be associated with your company (for example, McDonald’s yellow arc or Adidas three strips). Moreover, it should look the same and be legible on all promotional materials and media tools (the letterhead, TV screen or trolley bus). It is important that your style could be recognized not only in color version, but also in black and white one (for example fax messages or photocopies).


Most companies have several owners, large number of employees, and each of them has their own character that influences the formation of company’s character, its style and image. Our task is to combine these features and deliver it to the end consumer using the corporate design. To do this, we study the history of your company, your products/services, target markets and competitors, distinctive features, your wishes and combine all of these in the logo.

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