An advertising campaign is a set of promotional activities, united by a common idea and topic, which allow the advertiser to achieve the desired effect. Organization and carrying out an advertising campaign takes time. Moreover, each subsequent marketing move necessarily complements the previous one and interconnected with it.


Advertising helps a company to attract new customers, increase brand awareness, create a perfect image on the market. A well-organized campaign allows to take business to a new, higher level.


The campaign development involves the best experts, who have extensive experience in the advertising industry. The process of developing an advertising campaign consists of several stages:


Market analysis


Determination of target consumer


Selecting means of communication


Production of advertising messages


Implementation of the project

BOROVIK studio team is engaged in development and production of advertising campaigns that allow the client to obtain the best result.

To make your campaign as successful as possible and bring your organization maximum profit, our experts:

  • precisely define your target audience;
  • find out what exactly you want to inform the buyer/customeron;
  • develop a strategy to gain the maximum benefit from advertising;
  • choose the form of advertising (banner, article, poster, etc.) and place of its location (transport, radio, television, press — newspaper or magazine, etc.);
  • plan the campaign terms (short or long term campaign);
  • conduct cost calculation (tariff choice);
  • make media plan;
  • clarify the efficiency and relevance of the chosen advertising purposes;
  • evaluate the results and effects achieved by advertising.

BOROVIK studio specialists are ready to develop and organize competent advertising campaign for your business as soon as possible. Our staff use their rich experience and professionalism so that your advertising pay-off exceeds expectations.

We can help make your advertising campaign not just an effective business tool, but also a point of pride!

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