A professional team of web-developers works with projects of any complexity. In view of considerable experience in development of web-applications, the results of the work are worthy and relevant to the demands.

BOROVIK studio services of development of web-based applications include:

  • Development of a web-based application for trading via the Internet, e-learning, social networking, business dealing, process control
  • Choosing a platform: award-winning system Joomla! ® CMS, Magento, technology Microsoft.NET SharePoint, Java или LAMP (PHP, MySQL)
  • Possibility of integrating new web-application with the existing system database
  • Development and integration of Internet and Intranet applications
  • Transfer of web-applications to another platform or to the platform latest version, translation of legacy applications, connection of servers and databases
  • Modernization and improvement of client’s and other applications
  • Application testing, including codetesting, stable operationand operational requirementstesting
  • Maintenance of web-applications by a special development team

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