The greatest influence on the user’s feedback on the web-site has its visual part — colors, style and level of design elaboration. In case of non-professional approach to the development of the visual parteconomic efficiency of the project can be extremely loweven with successful promotion and correctly structured and implemented software.


Therefore, when choosing a development company of your future Website the company’s level of professionalism in establishing design must be assessed in the first place. Our studio, conducts a customer segment’smarketing analysis of the market when creating a Web-sitedesign, after which recommendations are made in terms of style and graphic execution of the future project. In one case, the best solution would be development oflight and ascetic design with low budget, and in another — complex fashion design with many details.

Website design development (Web-design) – is part of the large area – Communication design, which is one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced. The main feature is that the site (its content and presentation) –are materials with which your clients workand which are designed for them. The quality of design and published materials help to assess your company and compare it with other sites (usually – competitors’ sites).

Website design development is a complex process that requires direct involvement of supervisors and customer management. Defining the target audience, competitor analysis, experience of direct communication with customers, plans for the future development of the site, highlighting strengths and hiding weaknesses, goals and objectivesof the site, existing brand, image of company, previouspromotions policies and brand awareness — all of these factors and their methods of application affect the final result.

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