Copywriting is a process of developing advertising, information and other types of texts. Traditionally, copywriting means drafting selling and image-buildingtexts.This does not include regular articles written by journalists,therefore calling copywriter «a journalist» is not quite right.

Copywriting is essential for any company represented on the Internet. It is hardly possible to find at least one site without any kind of text.

Evenresources focused on placing photos and videos alwayscontain verbal description of the product or service. Often the success of your online business depends on good, interesting and motivating texts.

The services we can offer you:

  • Writing SEO-texts. Writing texts for promotion of your site to the top positions in the search engines (SEO-copywriting).
  • Promotional copywriting. Promotional copywriting, i.e. writing texts for advertising or market launch of a certain product or service.
  • Writingpressreleases.
  • Writing press releases, texts for presentation at official events.
  • Letters, articles for dialogue with customers

Translation of website into foreign languages

For companies planning to expand their business outside of Belarus and seeking to increase their credibility and status, establishing a foreign version of site is a topical issue.Our qualified specialists can translate all the content and all elements of the customer’s site into the desired language in the shortest possible time.

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